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Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul

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Integrative Health Coaching

Feel Empowered To Take Control Of Your Wellness!

Integrative Health Coaching services empower you to take action on your own health journey. Sara Marie Rose will provide you with the necessary tools, knowledge and encouragement to build new lifelong habits that will create positive long term change. Sara Marie Rose takes into account your complete health history, emotional state, and lifestyle habits to assist you in discovering the root cause of your wellness concerns, and will create an action plan to assist you in reaching your goals for overcoming your health challenges. Services may include education and guidance in the areas of diet, exercise, stress management, toxins, rest, emotional wellbeing, supplementation and success mindset. Take action and get ready to rebalance your body, find the root cause of your symptoms and feel your best!

Child's Pose

Private Yoga Session

Practice The Way You Want!

Private Yoga Sessions allow you to bring yoga class directly to your home or favorite outdoor space! This personalized session is specifically tailored to meet  you where you're at in your yoga practice and help you achieve your yogi goals. Whether you want a powerful invigorating yoga workout or a slow restorative practice, the options are limitless with a private session. Private sessions also place a special emphasis on proper asana (yoga pose) alignment and breathing techniques, to help you rejuvenate and reconnect with your body in a safe manner. Schedule today to begin your yoga journey!

Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Session

Everything Is Energy

Reiki Energy Sessions focus on relieving stress, and releasing stored emotions or trauma that are held in your physical and energetic bodies. During a private session in your home or favorite outdoor space, Sara Marie Rose will help you release your stored stresses and emotions by providing ancient Japanese hands on energetic healing techniques, allowing you to feel lighter and at peace by the end of the session. This offering also incorporates the power of sound healing, essential oils, and crystals to further the benefits of Reiki and help you feel cleansed of what no longer serves you.

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