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My Journey

A Little Bit More About Me

Several years ago I knew I needed to make a significant change in my life; that's when I began learning about integrative and holistic wellness practices. 

Shortly after earning my Masters Degree in Special Education- Autism Spectrum Disorders, I was diagnosed with Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease & Co-infections plus a laundry list of other disease diagnoses that would be too long to list here. The diseases spread to just about every organ system in my body including my brain due to late diagnosis (over 10 years to be accurately diagnosed) despite multiple hospital stays and countless doctor and specialist visits years prior to my official diagnosis trying to find answers to my health problems. Even with an accurate diagnosis I continued to feel like a hopeless ticking time bomb as treatments were only making me more sick and my doctors were running out of options. I felt like I was waiting to die while in constant debilitating pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no end in sight. At this time my illness became so debilitating that I became incapable of working in the profession I dedicated my entire life to. I turned to yoga and reiki as a way to cope with my illness and looked toward holistic/integrative wellness practices as a last resort to help restore my body, as I continued to fail traditional health treatments time and time again, with no hope of getting well. Yoga and reiki provided me with a much needed escape from the physical, mental and emotional anger, pain, and suffering I was experiencing on a daily basis, while holistic/integrative wellness practices gave me hope I could one day rebalance my body and feel myself again. 

To my amazement, I noticed that yoga, reiki, and holistic/integrative health practices were actually beginning to help restore my mind and body. Through continued practice, and a quest for health I was able to re-train my thought patterns, reduce my significant depression/anxiety, and ease my severe pain without overstressing my body. Yoga, reiki and holistic/integrative health practices gave me much needed peace, restoration and hope, that I thought I'd never regain.  

My mission in life is to turn my pain into purpose by helping others and providing them with the knowledge and support they need to flourish despite all their health challenges and life problems.

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