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May Newsletter

I'm excited to announce that I have become a Brand Partner with YoungLiving Essential Oils. I have been using YoungLiving oils and products for a few years now and can attest to their benefits. At first I was skeptical as I never found true results using other brands. Plus I was always worried about where the herbs and fragrances were sourced from, as not every brand is equal and it makes a HUGE difference in the efficacy of the product and your health when using the product. I can honestly say I've never used another brand (no not even DoTerra) that meets beyond organic standards and works as well as YoungLiving. There are tons of oils, topicals, hygiene & beauty products, cleaning products, supplements and accessories to choose from; there is truly something for everyone. I use these oils during yoga & reiki sessions, my daily life, and to ease what ails me.

Check out my site below to view some of my featured bundles, especially my Yoga Essentials Bundle!

As many of you know, I am currently finishing my certification to become an Integrative Health Practitioner/Coach. Through my studies I was introduced to Equilife Nutritional Supplements and have had the pleasure of incorporating several supplements into my daily routine. I've found my results to be amazing, and am impressed with the high quality and nutrient dense formulas Equilife provides at extremely cost effective rates! No more spending $75 or more on one jug of protein powder!! This is why I'm also excited to announce that I have chosen to partner with Equilife Nutritional Supplements! Scroll toward the bottom of this newsletter to find out more about Equilife Supplements and my favorite products you can shop!


All Things YoungLiving

May Gift With Purchase:

April Showers bring May Flowers, and May purchases bring May gifts!

This month's gifts will fill your home with the floral scent of May flowers. Break out a bottle of spring freshness with Lemongrass' fresh scent or BLOOMessential oil blend's sophisticated aroma. Revel in your hair's natural shine and your skin's natural glow with Geranium Bourbon. Dab rich Vanilla on your wrists or neck for a soft, sweet personal fragrance. Carry your favorite spring scents in your pocket or purse with an elegant amethyst roller. Plus, earn 10 extra Loyalty Rewards points simply for ordering the products you love!

Every Month YoungLiving loads us up with free items simply for being loyal customers. We purchase items we'd be buying anyway (toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, makeup, supplements, and cleaning supplies, etc.) With YoungLiving, we get high quality products, delivery to our doorstep, and product credits galore! I am ALL about boxes of safe, effective and healthy products showing up in my mailbox with fun freebies inside!

Click the Pic to learn more about May's Free Gift With Purchase!

Mother's Day Sale:

May 1st - 31st (while supplies last)

With Mother's Day on May 8th, we're taking the whole month to celebrate the special people in our lives who love and care, nurture and support. May 1st - 31st, take advantage of 30% off hand-selected self care oils like Geranium & Copaiba, plus a chic dropper bottle and limited-time Beauty School-exclusive Amoressence essential oil blend!

Whether or not you're shopping for Mother's Day this year, you won't want to miss this sale. Find gifts within your budget, choose daily luxury for yourself or someone you love, and stock up on beauty and self care oils here!


All Things Equilife

I also have the pleasure of announcing I have now partnered with Equilife nutritional supplements. I have been incorporating multiple products into my daily life for quite some time now, and the results are nothing short of amazing! Equilife is formulated by a Board Certified Naturopath, Dr. Stephen Cabral. All supplements are third party tested and meet the highest quality standards for proper composition, high potency and maximum purity. My favorite supplements at the moment are the Chocolate Daily Nutritional Shake, and the Daily Fruit & Vegetable Blend (Crisp Apple Flavor). To shop these products and learn more, click the link below!

My Two Must Have Supplements:

Daily Nutritional Support

Daily Fruit & Vegetable Blend

​DNS is a vegan, hypoallergenic protein powder, fortified with a wide range of activated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, detox co-factors, and electrolytes, making it a one-stop-shop to fill the nutritional gaps in your diet!

DFV is a simple way to ensure you get the benefits of 22 fruits & vegetables, plus antioxidants & rare superfoods that support optimal health!

Key Benefits:

* 12 nutritional supplements in 1

* Provides 15g of vegan, hypoallergenic protein

* Supports liver detoxification

* Provides daily energy you need

* Vitamin, mineral, antioxidant & electrolyte formula

Key Benefits:

* Contains a rainbow of blue, green, red, orange & yellow antioxidants

* A quick and easy way to boost dietary nutrient intake

* Contains superfoods & powerful antioxidants

* No sugar and can easily be added into any diet plan

* Boosts vibrancy and overall health


* Travel packs (single serving)

* Bag

* Bottle


* Travel packs (single serve)

* Bag

* Bottle

* Pill form (if powder is not your thing)


* Chocolate

* Vanilla

Powder Flavors:

* Unflavored (mild yet more earthy green powder taste)

* Crisp Apple (adds slight sweetness to smoothies, not too strong of apple taste- works great even in chocolate smoothies)


Blueberry Chocolate Detox Breakfast Smoothie

This is one of my simple go to breakfast smoothies! It's super quick & easy to make, plus full of free radical fighting foods, and antioxidants that help to detox heavy metals, and nourish the liver- our powerhouse cleaning organ of the body! Check out how to make this delicious detox smoothie below and make sure to tag me on Instagram @Sara_Marie_Rose with your remake!


* 1 cup Wild Organic Blueberries

* 2 Scoops Equilife Chocolate DNS Powder

* 1 Scoop Equilife DFV Blend Powder

* 1 Tbsp Organic Chia Seeds or Organic Coconut Cream

* 24 oz Water

** Option to add ice if you enjoy a thicker/slushie like smoothie**

How To Make:

Once all ingredients have been added to your blender, blend it up to your preferred consistency, pour into your favorite glass or bottle & enjoy!

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